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  Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Endless Pools Swim Spas
Product Information & Photos

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What is an Endless Pool?

The Endless Pool® is a counter-current swimming pool and water exercise machine that is small enough to fit inside a home or business.

Featuring an adjustable current that allows you to swim or exercise in place, the Endless Pool current is broad and deep, and suitable for every swimming ability and fitness need. You can also set the temperature precisely with the touch of a button, based on preferences and needs.

New Products For 2013!

Since we launched our original Endless Pool over 25 years ago, we have added a wide range of new and exciting products to our line-up. New for 2013 is the Exercise Spa, an addition to our revamped Spa Series, which provides a complete home fitness option for pool exercises starting at just $12,900.

We also offer the ability to walk, jog or run in the water with our unmatched and updated underwater treadmill.

How the Endless Pool Works

The Endless Pool propulsion unit can move a massive amount of water -- up to 5,000 gallons a minute -- through two grills that straighten and smooth the water's flow. The result is a river-like current that is totally adjustable in speed from a gentle flow to a racer's pace by the push of a button.

The swim current is generated by a 16'' propeller inside a protective housing that is driven by a hydraulic motor.

Remarkably smooth due to inventive design, the current utilizes the pool's underwater perimeter benches as a return system. As the water flows down the center of the pool, it enters a grill in the rear bench. The side benches act as return channels that loop the water from the back to the front of the pool. 

Superior to the Jetted Spa

The Endless Pool swim current is far superior to those produced by jetted spas. These spas pump only a few hundred gallons of water a minute through high-pressure nozzles. Their currents are turbulent and very narrow, even when three or more jets are used. In a jetted spa, only a small amount of water is moving and the current speed is greatly diminished by the time it reaches the other side. In fact, the flow is so low that there is no need for a return channel system in a jetted spa.

In contrast, the unique current system engineered by Endless Pools® produces an ideal, broad, deep, non-turbulent swim current. It is remarkably free of waves and bubbles, making it ideal for a swimming workout, exercise or physical therapy.

How can I try an Endless Pool?

During their first dip in an Endless Pool, many of our customers pop their heads up and remark, "It really works!" That's why one of the best ways to evaluate the high quality of the Endless Pool's swim current is to get into the crystal-clear water for a swim or some aquatic exercise.

If you think the Endless Pool is a project you might seriously consider, we would be happy to help you get a true feel for the pool before you purchase. We find decision making in planning your pool is a step-by-step process. Before you go for a demonstration swim, we prefer that you first take the time to educate yourself by watching our introductory videos. In addition, one of our design representatives would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Once you’ve educated yourself, feel free to call Endless Pools at 866-558-7946 to schedule a demonstration swim at our Factory Showroom in Aston, Pennsylvania or at a demonstration pool location near you.

Endless Pool Installed Indoors

Endless Pool Installed In A Deck


Endless Pool Installed In An Exercise Room

Endless Pool Installed In A Sunroom


Endless Pool Videos:

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Endless Pool Installed In A Commercial Setting

Photos provided by Endless Pools Inc.