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  Monday, April 21, 2014
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Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Spa Videos - Poolandspa.TV
PoolAndSpa.TV How-To Videos For The Pool And Spa Industry

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Top Pool & Spa Video Of The Month

See The 2013 "Best Of Class" Award Winning Pools & Spas
"Pool & Spa Dynasty" - ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (4:12 Min)

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Where Do People Put Hot Tubs? - New Season


Where Do People Put Hot Tubs? - New Episodes
This seven episode mini-series from the Poolandspa.TV Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Series features interesting and unusual places where people have put their own personal hot tub spas in their homes. Host Dan Harrison visits different homeowners on Long Island in New York to see all the coolest hot tub spots.

Episode 1 - Hot Tub In Garage
Episode 2 - Hot Tub In Den
Episode 3 - Hot Tub In Sunroom
Episode 4 - Color Changing Hot Tub In Deck
Episode 5 - Hot Tub In Basement
Episode 6 - Hot Tub In Forest
Episode 7 - Cool Hot Tub Room In House


Pump & Filter Repair Series - New Episodes


Pump & Filter Repair Series - New Episodes
Hosts Joe Tamargo, Robert Lindsay and Tim Casey go through very detailed, step by step, How-To's for do it yourselfer's looking to repair their own swimming pool or spa pumps, or pool filters.  Videos cover all aspects of repairs to the most popular Hayward pumps & filters.

Episode 1 - Hayward Power Flo Pump Seal Change
Episode 2 - Pool Pump Motor Parts You'll Need
Episode 3 - Hayward Super Pump 2 Seal Change
Episode 4 - How To Access Your Spa Pump Impeller
Episode 5 - Hayward Super Pump Seal Change
Episode 6 - Hayward Super Pump Motor Bearing Change
Episode 7 - Hayward Super Pump Impeller Removal

Episode 8 - How To Clean & Acid Wash A Swimming Pool D.E. Pool Filter


Pool & Spa Music Videos - New Series

Pool & Spa Music Videos - New
This new series on Poolandspa.TV features some of the newest and hottest trends in Swimming Pools, Swim Spas and Hot Tub Spas, in the popular MTV music-video style. Music videos have always been enjoyed by many people. Working with both new and established artists, more pool & spa music videos will be added as the season progresses, and will show all the fun and relaxation you can have with your own swimming pool, swim spa or hot tub!

Pool And Spa TV Music Videos:

Danger Zone - Best Heavy Metal Pools & Spas of 2012
Wasted Years - Coolest Pools & Hot Tubs of 2012 - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - Iron Maiden
2012 Best Of Class Awards For Pools & Spas - Poolandspa.TV Music Video
Burn Baby Burn - Disco Inferno - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - The Tramps
You Should Be Dancin' - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - Bee Gees

Keep U For Myself - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - Deirdre Taylor
Close My Eyes Forever - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - Lita Ford & Ozzie Osbourne
Days Go By Remix - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - Dirty Vegas

Poker Face Remix - Poolandspa.TV Music Video - Lady Gaga

Product Review Series - New Episodes

Product Review Video Series - New Episodes
Similar to many popular "What's In The Box?" type videos, Hosts Joe Tamargo and Tim Casey give very detailed reviews of some of the top selling pool and spa products. See detailed product close ups, and additional enhanced information that is hard to get across, through the use of just a printed catalog page, or even a web page.  Through the magic of web video, you really get a complete explanation of each featured product.

Episode 1 - The New Prestige Deluxe Spa Cover
Episode 2 - The Safe-T-Rail For Hot Tubs
Episode 3 - The Cover Mate 2 Spa Cover Lifter
Episode 4 - Hayward Super Pump Review
Episode 5 - Hayward Power Flo Pump Review

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Hot Tub Survey Results

What Americans Really Want In Hot Tubs - Survey Results - See the results of our year long consumer survey about hot tub shopping and spa ownership.

Where Do You Put Spas?

Where Do People Put Hot Tubs? - See the interesting places people have installed hot tubs in their own homes in this new mini-series.

What's New In Hot Tubs?

What's New In Hot Tubs ?  - See all the new features of the hot tubs available on the market today in this mini-series.

How To Build A Spa

How Do They Build A Hot Tub Spa? - Take a trip through a modern spa production plant.

Spa Buyer's Promo Video

Before You Buy A Hot Tub - Spa Buyer's Series Promo Video - Take a quick peak at all the episodes in this series made specifically for hot tub shoppers.



How Do They Build A Hot Tub Spa?
Prestige Spa Covers - Hot Tub Spa Cover Product Review
How To Install A New Hot Tub Spa Cover
Cover Valet - Spa Cover Lifter Product Review
Spa Shell Cleaners - Cleaning A Spa Shell
Holiday Gift Ideas For Pool and Spa Owners
Micro Pure Water Fill Filters For Spas
Spa Steps - Changing from Wood To Plastic
Eco One Spa Chemicals - Setting Up The Spa Water
Micro Pure Spa Filter Water Test
Spa Draining Pumps - How To Select and Use
Spa Cover Cleaners - Cleaning A Spa Cover
Spa Filters Cleaners - Cleaning A Spa Filter
SpaScenes Cover Murals Product Review


Loop Loc Safety Swimming Pool Covers - Information Video
Safety Turtle - Swimming Pool Safety For Dogs


Viking Pools Promo Videos
Aquatic Access - People & Dog Lifter Videos & NBC TV Sponsor Pool Safety Campaign
Endless Swimming Pools & Swim Spas Videos
SwivelSkim Floating Pool Skimmer Net - Promo Video
Automatic Pool Cover By Pool Cover Specialists
AQx Aquatic Training Shoes
Pool Cover Specialists National, Inc.
Loop Loc Safety Swimming Pool Covers - Information Video
Teddy Bear Pools How-To Videos
Skamper Ramp Product Video


Durasport Spas Promo Video
Strong Spas Promo Video
Premium Leisure Promo Videos
Atera Spas Promo Videos
L.A. Spas Promo Video
Artesian Spas Promo Videos
Artesian Spas Direct Flow Promo Video
Tidal Fit Swim Spas Promo Videos
Clearwater Spas Promo Video
Master Spas Promo Videos
Endless Swimming Pools & Swim Spas Videos
The EZ Top Spa Cover / Bar
Dimension One Spas - The Amore - Promo Video
Dimension One Spas - Promo Video
Arctic Spas Spas Promo Video
Arctic Spas TV Commercial
Bullfrog Spas Promo Video
SpaScenes Cover Murals Commercial
Beachcomber Hot Tubs Promo Videos
Cal Spas Promo Video


Man Blowing Up Pool Float - Head Rush
Genius Dog Getting Ball Out Of Pool
Stolen Car Crashes Into Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Safety - Fox News
Swimming Pool Safety For Dogs - Safety Turtle
Throwing Liquid Nitrogen Into A Swimming Pool
60 Lbs. of Dry Ice Into A Spa
A Pool Filled with Non-Newtonian Fluid
Crazy Moments in Swimming Pools
Hot Tub Delivered By Crane


See The Green Scene on HGTV featuring Scott Cohen
Watch Get Out, Way Out! 
Watch Big Splash


How To Close A Pool
How To Close An Inground Pool - Complete swimming pool closing instructions for most inground pools..

Loop Loc Pool Covers

Loop Loc Safety Swimming Pool Covers
- Information Video - See Bubbles the elephant actually WALK on a pool cover!

Pool Cover Measuring

Loop Loc Safety Cover - Pool Measuring Instructions - Detailed instructions for free-form pool measuring.

Loop Loc Installation

Loop Loc Safety Cover - Installation Instructions - Detailed instructions for installing a Loop Loc Pool Cover.

Cleaning DE Filter

How To Clean & Acid Wash A Swimming Pool D.E. Pool Filter - Host Tim Casey explains all the steps involved in cleaning out your DE filter.

Opening A Pool

How To Open An Inground Pool - Host Tim Casey explains all the steps for opening a swimming pool.

Pool Chemicals

Explaining Pool Chemicals For The Opening - Host Tim Casey explains all the chemicals needed to properly open & maintain your pool.

Clearing A Pool

How To Clear A Green Pool - Our most viewed video ever. Learn how to turn your pool clear!

Spa Drain & Clean

How to Open, Drain & Clean a Hot Tub Spa  - Step by step videos showing complete drain & clean procedure.

Backwashing A Pool

How To Backwash A Pool Filter - Detailed instructions for backwashing your Hayward DE Pool Filter.

Acid Washing A Pool

How To Acid Wash An Inground Pool - Detailed instructions for acid washing your pool.

Painting A Pool

How To Paint A Pool - Detailed step by step instructions on how to paint your pool!

Repairing A Cement Pool

How To Repair A Cement Pool Step, Walls & Deck - How-To video explaining how to repair cement or plaster pool steps, walls, and decking with EZ Patch.

Spa Cover Measuring

How To Measure A Spa Cover For
Replacement - Detailed instructions fin a multi-part video explaining how to measure for a spa cover replacement.

How To Build A Spa
How Do They Build A Hot Tub Spa? - Take a trip through a modern spa production plant.

Spa Cover Installing

How To Install A New Hot Tub Spa Cover - How to install a brand new spa cover on your tub.

Spa Cover Lifter

How To Install A Spa Cover Lifter - How to install a Cover Valet brand spa cover lifter on your hot tub.

Spa Cover Mural

º How To Install A Spa Cover Mural - Learn how to install a Spa Scenes cover mural on your spa!

Spa Cover Cleaning

How To Clean A Spa Cover - Review of the various products on the market for spa cover cleaning.  See side-by-side testing comparisons.

Spa Draining Pumps

How To Use Spa Draining Pumps - Review and explanation of the various spa draining pumps on the market.



Hot Tub Time Machine Movie Trailer
Christmas House Lights Gone Wild
Virtual Reality Music Video From Master Image
Who Let The Dogs Out - Strut Your Mutt Vegas 07
Jay's First Machine Gun Shoot
11 Year Old Girl Singing
Chris Crocker - Leave Britney Alone
Chris Crocker - Leave Britney Alone - Music Video
Star Wars Kid - Original Footage
Star Wars Kid - The Matrix Reloaded
Numa Numa Kid - Original Version
D-Devils - "Judgment Day"
Two Talking Cats - The Trilogy
Tiger Dan From Poolandspa.TV On "Let's Make A Deal" with Wayne Brady


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